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Activate quests require the player to activate a single or several placeable items.

Activate quests make the player seek out a tangible goal, such as a wall switch, or treasure chest, in order to complete their objective.

Variables and Affordances

  • Object to be activated-door, wall switch, pedestal
  • Object required to activate-keys, passwords, magic scrolls
  • Result of quest completion-what happens when the object/objects are activated


  • In the end of Fallout 3, you are presented with the choice to either use the Purification Plant to cleanse the waters of the wasteland, or to further poison them. The Plant itself is activated by using a password your father gives you, and the poisoning the water quest is completed by using a canister president Eden gives you on the Plant.

In Worked Examples

Quest-Level Relationships

  • Item-Items are often required in order to activate the quest objectives.
  • Lock-Locks are a possible objective that must be activated by being unlocked, usually with a key.
  • Puzzle-Puzzles usually involve the proper activation of many items, sometimes in the right order. Like in Fallout 3, when you are trapped in the virtual reality simulation and enter the forbidden house, you can hack into the simulation by selecting a series of odd items in the proper order.


This pattern is a version of Scriptease's quest pattern of the same name.

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