Vehicle Mission


A vehicle mission consists of any quest that forces the character to use an alternative control scheme and different stats/abilities than they normally would have. This is typically shown through the character entering a vehicle or mounting a creature.

Variables and Affordances

  • Vehicle
  • Vehicle Stats and Abilities
  • Alternate controls


  • Mass Effect frequently uses vehicle missions whenever the player leaves the safety of space stations to explore uninhabited or unknown planets.
  • World of Warcraft began to implement more and more vehicle missions with Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm expansions, including vehicle based Boss Battles in the dungeon “The Oculus” and “Ulduar” as well as vehicle based player vs player sections such as the battleground “The Strand of the Ancients”.

Quest-Level Relationships

  • Vehicle - Necessary to make it a Vehicle mission
  • Boss Battles - Used within some large scale boss battles (see World of Warcraft examples)
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