======Standard Encounter====== {{:patterns:standardencounter-deusex.png?direct}} [[games:deusex|Deus Ex]], a robot who the player must either sneak past or defeat in a standard encounter ([[http://www.battlereports.com/users/Feanor/DXPart1/TheDeusExReportPart1.htm|image source]]) =====Description===== You see an enemy. You fight it. The standard encounter is the basic fight in which the PCs and enemies meet and engage each other. If the player opens a [[Patterns:Portal|portal]] or rounds a corner to a room full of enemies, or initiates the combat through dialogue, the distance of engaging will be short. If the enemies can be seen from down a [[Patterns:Linear Path|linear path]] or other lengthy stretch, the distance will be longer. The encounter is not an [[Patterns:Ambush|ambush]], a [[Boss Battle|boss]], or anything else special, at least not in the beginning. However, [[Patterns:Reinforcements|reinforcements]] may appear, and they may appear in the form of an [[Patterns:Ambush|ambush]] or even a [[Patterns:Boss Battle|boss]]. Every game has standard encounters. =====Variables and Affordances===== * **Enemy Type**: the type of enemy faced in the encounter =====Examples===== ====In Worked Examples==== * [[patterns:wounded_in_the_forest|Wounded In The Forest]] * [[patterns:jowan_s_intentions|Jowan's Intentions]] * [[examples:desertgate|Desertgate]] =====Related Patterns===== Standard encounters are quite common, and frequently occur in conjunction with other level design patterns such as the [[patterns:chokepoint|chokepoint]]. A standard encounter may also evolve into a different encounter type, through the inclusion of [[patterns:reinforcements]] or the appearance of a [[patterns:boss battle|boss]]. =====Quest-Level Relationships===== It is important to note that, while standard encounters frequently occur while the player is on a quest line, they are not necessarily part of the quest. For example, a quest that requires the player to retrieve an item from a far-away location might involve the player defeating many standard encounters, but since the standard encounters are not a directly required action in fulfilling the quest, they are not related to the quest. The following are situations in which a standard encounter may be directly related to a quest of the following patterns: * [[patterns:contextualizing_quests|Contextualizing Quests]]. To introduce the player to the standard battle mechanics of the game. * [[patterns:fetch_quest|Fetch Objective]]. Many fetch quests require players to first [[patterns:kill_action|kill]] a standard enemy and then take a certain piece of loot it drops. * [[patterns:defend|Defend]]. The player will often have to defend their quest giver from standard enemies. * [[patterns:quest_tied_item|Quest Tied Item]]. In order to obtain quest-tied items, the player may need to kill the enemies that hold these items. * [[patterns:kill_quest|Kill Quest]]. In order to fulfill the quota for a Kill quest, the player must engage in the correct amount of standard encounters with the specific enemy for the quest. {{tag>level:EnemyEncounter games:deusex}}

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