Spawn Point

Baldur's Gate II, a machine that spawns lightning mephits (image credit)


A spawn point is a location where an enemy or enemies are created on the map. A spawn point may be part of an ambush or reinforcements, and is very obvious to the player in such a situation. An enemy appears out of nowhere at it's spawn point and attacks. However, all enemies have spawn points, and the spawn point is not always so obvious. In some games, enemies are spawned when the map is loaded by the game and wait until the player reaches them, or are spawned dynamically as the player approaches.

Variables and Affordances

  • Location: where on the map the spawn point is located
  • Visibility: if the spawn point is visible to the player or not
  • Destructable: if the spawn point can be turned off or if it spawns monsters infinitely
    • Number: how many are spawned
    • Rate: how fast they are spawned
    • Type: what type is spawned
  • Spawn Type


  • Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Umar Hills quest, Temple Ruins. A number of shadows and shadow fiends are spawned on the map when it is loaded. Additionally, when the player sets off a trigger by using a large mirror more shadows spawn and attack.
  • Dragon Age II. Lowtown at night. As the player explores, thugs spawn around the corner at certain locations. During the battles that ensue, more enemies spawn in as reinforcements.

Quest-Level Relationships

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