Side Quest


A side quest is a quest that the player is not required to complete in order to complete the game. They are often used to provide the player with additional story, or opportunities to gain experience and more abilities for use in the main quest line. Side quests may be hidden, in which case they are a reward for the player's exploration. They may also come from picking up a particular item, rather than be explicitly given to the player by another character.


  • Dragon Age: Origins has a Chantry board in each city, which gives a list of available side quests for the Chantry and the expected reward.

Quest-Level Relationship

  • tavern: side quests are often found when talking to NPCs in taverns
  • do_one_of_many: the player sometimes must do one of several side quests to complete the game
  • profit: completing side quests are a way to earn money for profit quests
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