====== Quest Design Patterns ====== ===== Quest Action ===== Quest actions describe actions the player takes in the service of completing a quest. These are closely related to the mechanics of the game, but are framed in terms of achieving quest goals. * [[patterns:Choice|Choice]] * [[patterns:Equip Action|Equip Action]] * [[patterns:Kill Action|Kill Action]] * [[patterns:Moxie Action|Moxie Action]] * [[patterns:Move Action|Move Action]] * [[patterns:Skill Action|Skill Action]] ===== Quest Objectives ===== Quest objectives are patterns for an individual quest, classified by the goal of the quest. * [[patterns:Activate|Activate]] * [[patterns:Compilation Quest|Compilation Quest]] * [[patterns:Defend|Defend]] * [[patterns:Fetch Quest|Fetch Quest]] * [[patterns:Follow|Follow]] * [[patterns:Kill Quest|Kill Quest]] * [[patterns:Profit|Profit]] * [[patterns:Search|Search]] ===== Quest Structure ===== Quest structure patterns describe how quests and actions fit together. * [[patterns:altering_side_stub|Altering side stub]] * [[patterns:Arrowhead Questing|Arrowhead Questing]] * [[patterns:continuous_side_quest|Continuous Side Quest]] * [[patterns:Deadline|Deadline]] * [[patterns:deja_vu_quest|Deja Vu Quest]] * [[patterns:delayed_result|Delayed Result]] * [[patterns:do_one_of_many|Do One of Many]] * [[patterns:hidden_quest|Hidden Quest]] * [[patterns:Moral Dilemma Quest|Moral Dilemma]] * [[patterns:side_quest|Side Quest]] * [[patterns:tournament|Tournament]] * [[patterns:vehicle_mission|Vehicle mission]] ===== Quest Superstructure ===== Quest superstructure describes how quest structures fit together across the entire game. * [[patterns:Diamond Superstructure|Diamond Superstructure]] * [[patterns:linear_hub_pattern|Linear Hub Pattern]] ===== Purpose ===== Quests often serve a purpose in pushing forward the narrative or teaching players about the game design. * [[patterns:Back Story|Back Story]] * [[patterns:bridge_quest|Bridge Quest]] * [[patterns:Contextualizing Quests|Contextualizing Quests]] * [[patterns:Unlock Quest|Unlock Quest]]

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