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======Quest Tied Item====== =====Description===== An [[patterns:item|item]] who's only purpose exists inside the bounds of the quest. Required for a fetch or deliver quest, the Quest Tied Item can also be used as a trigger to distinguish quest related actions to prior actions. For example, with player fore-knowledge you could tell a certain NPC about an event before the game intends you to, but a letter, in the form of a Quest Tied Item, can trigger that conversation option. The Droppable and Sellable attributes, when true in this pattern, can add more system complexity as well as player agency, but are frequently disabled in the interest of continuity and preventing the "lock out" condition. =====Variables and Affordances===== * Droppable - does the game let you drop the item outside of the quest, usually false * Sellable - does the game let you sell the item outside of the quest, usually false, but can be used to give the player incentive not to complete the quest in the form of a [[patterns:moral_dilemma_quest|Moral Dilemma]] =====Examples===== * [[games:dragonage|Dragon Age: Origins]] - Flemeth's Grimoire acts as a quest tied item in Morrigan's companion quest. The item is droppable, and sellable, and the act of gifting it to Morrigan is not required to finish the game. Outside of Gifting, dropping or selling the Grimoire, the book has no use for the player, it cannot be read, and giving it to any other character results in no major changes in story. ====In Worked Examples==== * [[examples:blood_ties|Blood Ties]] * [[examples:take_it_back|Take It Back]] * [[examples:desertgate|Desertgate]] =====Related Patterns===== * [[patterns:fetch_quest|Fetch Objective]] - All fetch objectives include quest tied items. * [[patterns:moral_dilemma_quest|Moral Dilemma]] - what the player chooses to do with a quest-tied item can present a moral dilemma =====Quest-Level Relationship===== * [[patterns:item|Item]] - a quest tied item is always an instance of the item object pattern. {{tag>level:element}}

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