Mass Effect, portion of the systems map. (image source)


The overworld is the vast area of some RPGs that can be used to traverse the different cities or levels in the game. Though similar - and sometimes acting as - the map of the game world, the overworld may also allow the player to physically move through the space in order to get to the area. With a map it is usually point-and-click fast travel.

Sometimes, when traversing the overworld, the player may be interrupted and thrown into random encounters.


In Worked Examples

Quest-Level Relationship

  • Vehicle Mission. Overworld travel may happens in a vehicle, and occationally events will happen in the overworld that will force the player to use different mechanics related to the vehicle.
  • Arrowhead Questing. Objectives in the Overworld can be the first step of an arrowhead quest. For example, Dragon Age: Origins initially tasks the player with going to three different locations to get a pledge of troops to help fight the Blight. However, in each of these cases, the simple move quest turns out to be the start of a chain of more and more specific quests.
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