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 +======Non-Interactive NPC======
 +A non-interactive NPC is an [[patterns:​npc|NPC]] with no (or incredibly limited) player interaction. Players cannot start a dialog with non-interactive NPCs. If the player attempts to, the game will usually merely play a sound byte such as "​hello!"​. Non-interactive NPCs are decoration for the world, to make it feel "lived in".
 +A player can sometimes force interaction with a non-interactive NPC. For example, a player might be able to attack a non-interactive NPC and turn them hostile, or they may simply run away. In games that allow pickpocketing,​ non-interactive NPCs can often be pickpocketed.
 +=====Variables and Affordances=====
 +  * What happens if the player tries to talk
 +  * What happens if the player attacks
 +  * Positions in inventory
 +  * Whether or not the NPC can be pickpocketed
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