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A lock either keeps a container from being opened to access the items inside or creates a blockade by preventing a portal from being opened.

A lock can either require that a key be found, that a skill action be taken to open it, that some other sort of action be taken, such as getting an NPC to open it, or multiple of these possibilities. Once a requirement is satisfied, the player may open the container or pass through the portal.

Variables and Affordances

  • Unlock Criteria: ways the lock can be opened. This might be by finding a key, which might be acquired in many different ways. Or it might involve a skill check, which might be any number of different skills with different difficulty ratings. Or there may be some other, less common, method for unlocking the lock.


  • Fallout 33. In the Museum of Technology there is a locked safe which can be opened in one of three ways:
    • use lockpicking to crack the safe (skill action)
    • use hacking to crack the computer and open the safe (skill action)
    • find the password to the computer (other method: exploration)
  • Baldur's Gate II Shadows of Amn. In Irenicus's Dungeon, there are several portals which cannot be accessed until the player finds the proper key for them, yet there are several containers which can be opened with a successful lockpicking skill check.

In Worked Examples

Quest-Level Relationships

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