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======Linear Level====== //example image tbd// =====Description===== A linear level is a level composed entirely of [[Patterns:linear path|linear paths]], potentially connecting other physical areas that have only a single exit and entrance. The player is given no options in exploring the level. Linear levels may be used to channel the player and ensure that they don't miss anything. =====Variables and Affordances===== * **Constituent Areas**: the physical areas that make up this level structure =====Examples===== * [[games:dragonage2|Dragon Age II]] (//Prologue//). The prologue level, where the main character escapes from Lothering with her family, is a linear level. ====In Worked Examples==== * [[examples:take_it_back|Take It Back]] * [[examples:the_professor|Dossier: The Professor]] =====Related Patterns===== * [[Patterns:linear path|Linear Path]] =====Quest-Level Relationships===== * [[patterns:contextualizing_quests|Contextualizing Quests]] - These quests teach the player new mechanics or conveys important plot points. Being on a linear level ensures they aren't missed. {{tag>level:LevelStructures games:dragonage2}}

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