Level Design Patterns

Physical Elements

Physical elements are specific, small items or interactive elements that are found within physical areas. They can often be used by the player or by other NPCs.


NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are other characters, human or otherwise, who exist in the game world with the player.

There are also many specific kinds of NPC who take on particular roles in the game.

Physical Areas

Physical areas are rooms and small areas that are found within level structures.

NPC and Creature Encounters

These are patterns of encounter behavior that are often performed in physical areas and level structures.

Enemy Encounter

Patterns of encountering hostile NPCs in a single location.

Non-Hostile Encounter

Non-hostile encounters are ways in which the player can interact with NPCs that do not require combat.

Level Structures

Level structures are made up of a collection of physical areas and are where quests usually take place.

Level Superstructures

Level superstructures are large, wide-scale design patterns that consist of multiple level structures.

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