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====== Level Design Patterns ====== =====Physical Elements===== Physical elements are specific, small items or interactive elements that are found within physical areas. They can often be used by the player or by other NPCs. * [[Patterns:abstract_wall|Abstract Wall]] * [[Patterns:Blockade|Blockade]] * [[Patterns:Consumable|Consumable]] * [[Patterns:Container|Container]] * [[Patterns:Cover|Cover]] * [[Patterns:Equipment|Equipment]] * [[Patterns:Item|Item]] * [[Patterns:Junk|Junk]] * [[Patterns:Key|Key]] * [[Patterns:Lock|Lock]] * [[Patterns:Money|Money]] * [[Patterns:Portal|Portal]] * [[patterns:Quest_Tied_Item|Quest Tied Item]] * [[Patterns:Soft_Gate|Soft Gate]] * [[Patterns:Trap|Trap]] * [[Patterns:Trigger|Trigger]] * [[Patterns:Vehicle|Vehicle]] * [[Patterns:Warp|Warp]] =====NPCs===== NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are other characters, human or otherwise, who exist in the game world with the player. * [[Patterns:NPC|NPC]] * [[Patterns:INPC|Interactive NPC]] * [[Patterns:nonINPC|Non-Interactive NPC]] * [[Patterns:Enemy|Enemy]] There are also many specific kinds of NPC who take on particular roles in the game. * [[Patterns:Merchant|Merchant]] * [[Patterns:Healer|Healer]] * [[patterns:companion|Companion]] * [[patterns:guard_npc|Guard]] =====Physical Areas===== Physical areas are rooms and small areas that are found within level structures. * [[Patterns:Arena|Arena]] * [[Patterns:Chokepoint|Chokepoint]] * [[Patterns:Fork|Fork]] * [[Patterns:Grinding Area|Grinding Area]] * [[Patterns:Hallway|Hallway]] * [[Patterns:Linear Path|Linear Path]] * [[Patterns:Map|Map]] * [[Patterns:Open Area|Open Area]] * [[Patterns:Puzzle|Puzzle]] * [[Patterns:Residence|Residence]] * [[Patterns:Storage Room|Storage Room]] * [[Patterns:Stronghold|Stronghold]] * [[Patterns:Tavern|Tavern]] =====NPC and Creature Encounters===== These are patterns of encounter behavior that are often performed in physical areas and level structures. ====Enemy Encounter==== Patterns of encountering hostile NPCs in a single location. * [[Patterns:Ambush|Ambush]] * [[patterns:boss_battle|Boss Battle]] * [[Patterns:Reinforcements|Reinforcements]] * [[Patterns:Spawn Point|Spawn Point]] * [[Patterns:Standard Encounter|Standard Encounter]] * [[patterns:Unwinnable Fight|Unwinnable Fight]] ====Non-Hostile Encounter==== Non-hostile encounters are ways in which the player can interact with NPCs that do not require combat. * [[Patterns:Dialog_Tree|Dialog Tree]] * [[patterns:riddle_enemy|Riddle Enemy]] =====Level Structures===== Level structures are made up of a collection of physical areas and are where quests usually take place. * [[Patterns:Base|Base]] * [[Patterns:Gauntlet|Gauntlet]] * [[Patterns:Hub|Hub-and-Spoke]] * [[Patterns:Labyrinth|Labyrinth]] * [[Patterns:Linear Level|Linear Level]] * [[Patterns:Nucleus|Nucleus]] * [[Patterns:Uncharted Area|Uncharted Area]] =====Level Superstructures===== Level superstructures are large, wide-scale design patterns that consist of multiple level structures. * [[Patterns:City|City]] * [[patterns:Evolving Level|Evolving Environment]] * [[Patterns:open_world|Open World]] * [[patterns:Overworld|Overworld]]

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