Kill Quest


A Kill Quest is any quest that requires a the player to kill as part of the main objective. This can span from grinding quests where the player must kill X amount of Y monster, to Boss Battles as part of major quests. How the player kills their target is up to them however. While most games typically stick to the obvious Kill Action requirement to take care of their target, some allow for alternative means, be it Moxie Actions to convince others to do the job for you, Skill Actions to hack into their defense systems and turn their own security on them, or just plain arson.

Variables and Affordances

  • Target to be Killed
  • Amount of Target to be Killed
  • Location of Target
  • Alternatives to Combat (such as hackable security systems or easily confused bodyguards)
  • Restrictions to objective


Kill quests are one of the most common quests in RPGs, especially in MMOs. Any quest that requires the player to kill another character as its objective is a kill quest.

specific examples tbd

Quest-Level Relationships

  • Boss Battles - Almost always part of a Kill Quest.
  • Grinding Area - Many Kill Quests are typically found within a Grinding Area.


This pattern is similar to the following existing patterns from other projects:

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