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======Kill Quest====== =====Description===== A Kill Quest is any quest that requires a the player to kill as part of the main objective. This can span from grinding quests where the player must kill X amount of Y monster, to [[patterns:boss_battle|Boss Battles]] as part of major quests. How the player kills their target is up to them however. While most games typically stick to the obvious [[patterns:kill_action|Kill Action]] requirement to take care of their target, some allow for alternative means, be it [[patterns:moxie_action|Moxie Actions]] to convince others to do the job for you, [[patterns:skill_action|Skill Actions]] to hack into their defense systems and turn their own security on them, or just plain arson. =====Variables and Affordances===== * Target to be Killed * Amount of Target to be Killed * Location of Target * Alternatives to Combat (such as hackable security systems or easily confused bodyguards) * Restrictions to objective =====Examples===== Kill quests are one of the most common quests in RPGs, especially in MMOs. Any quest that requires the player to kill another character as its objective is a kill quest. //specific examples tbd// =====Related Patterns===== * [[patterns:arena|Arena]] * [[patterns:boss_battle|Boss Battles]] =====Quest-Level Relationships===== * [[patterns:boss_battle|Boss Battles]] - Almost always part of a Kill Quest. * [[patterns:grinding_area|Grinding Area]] - Many Kill Quests are typically found within a Grinding Area. =====Acknowledgments===== This pattern is similar to the following existing patterns from other projects: * Scriptease's Assassinate Pattern * Scriptease's Gladiator Pattern * Scriptease's Hunt Pattern * Scriptease's Exterminate Pattern {{tag>quest:Objective}}

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