Kill Action

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Any quest that requires combat, such as a kill quest as its objective uses this as its action. At their most basic, these quests involve killing X amount of some creature, collecting X amount of items that drop from a certain kind of dead creature, or killing a specific NPC.

Quests that use Kill Actions force the player to use the game's combat mechanics, which are frequently quite complex. This means that the player has a lot of choice for how to perform the kill action, e.g. with magic use or melee fighting. Quests with Kill Actions are far more prevalent than any other kind of Quest action. Even if other actions are possible to fulfill the quest objective, there are frequently combat options as well.

Variables and Affordances

  • Target and all of its stats
  • Combat Mechanics used to Kill Target


Almost every RPG involves kill actions in the service of completing quests. Here are a few general examples:

In Worked Examples

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