Dragon Age II: the Junk inventory icon.


Junk is an item which has no use other than to be sold to a merchant for money.

Variables and Affordances

  • Value: how valuable the item is when sold to a merchant. Many RPGs have a limit on the amount of items that can be held in inventory, so the player must choose whether or not holding the junk is worthwhile based on its value and anticipated time until finding a merchant.


  • Baldur's Gate II Shadows of Amn. The player often finds various unenchanted gems and jewelry that can be sold for varying amounts of money. Gems can be kept in a gem bag. Unenchanted jewelry is both equipment and junk because it serves no purpose when equipped.
  • Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. There is a category inside the player's inventory specifically for junk. The player has the option to discard all junk at any time. When trading with a merchant, the player has the option to sell all junk.
  • Fallout 3. A majority of items found in the game are junk. Not all of them are very valuable junk. The player must evaluate the value of a junk item versus it's weight to see if it is worth carrying. Some junk items, such as pre-war money, have no weight and thus are always worth carrying.

Quest-Level Relationships

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