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======Healer====== {{:patterns:healer-bg2.png?direct}} [[games:bg2|Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn]] =====Description===== A healer is an [[patterns:inpc|interactive NPC]] who heals the party, such as a cleric or an inkeeper. Usually, the player speaks with the healer and navigates a [[patterns:dialog tree|dialogue tree]] to receive healing. Sometimes, the healer may require compensation for their service in the form of [[patterns:money]] or an [[patterns:item|item]]. =====Variables and Affordances===== * **Heal Type**: how fully does the healer heal the character? * **Compensation**: what, if anything, does the healer require as compensation? * **NPC Behavior**: does the healer serve other [[patterns:NPC|NPC]] functions? =====Examples===== * [[games:bg2|Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn]]. The Priest of Ilmater will cast healing spells on individual members of the party after navigating a short [[patterns:dialog tree|dialogue tree]]. The price of the healing depends on the power of the spell chosen (//heal type, compensation//). Several different spells are available. The priest will provide healing as long as the player characters need and can afford it. The priest also serves as a [[patterns:merchant|merchant]] (//NPC behavior//) by selling healing potions and other similar [[patterns:consumable|consumable items]]. =====Related Patterns===== * [[patterns:merchant|Merchant]] =====Quest-Level Relationships===== * None yet! {{tag>level:npc games:bg2}}

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