======Hallway====== {{:patterns:hallway-dragonage.png?direct}} [[games:dragonage|Dragon Age: Origins]], a hallway in the Circle Tower. =====Description===== A hallway is a long area lined with [[Patterns:Portal|portals]]. Hallways often serve as a hub for level design. A hallway with accessible [[Patterns:Portal|portals]] allows the player to explore the level in whatever order they choose while helping them to navigate it. Such a hallway can be an excellent tool to control the pacing of the game. If nothing stressful is in the hallway and nothing is time-sensitive, it can slow the pace and lower the intensity by allowing the player a breather between areas visited from the hallway. If, on the other hand, the hallway contains stressful elements or is part of a time-sensitive mission, it can greatly increase the intensity experienced. A hallway in which the [[Patterns:Portal|portals]] are inaccessible, because they are locked or for whatever reason, forms a [[Patterns:Linear Path|linear path]]. Such a hallway might be revisited later and allow access through its [[Patterns:Portal|portals]]. Hallways often provide [[Patterns:Chokepoint|chokepoints]]. A hallway may be the location of an [[Patterns:Ambush|ambush]] if the [[Patterns:Portal|portals]] conceal enemies. A hallway may be [[Patterns:Trap|trapped]]. =====Variables===== * **Length**: how long the hallway is * **Size**: how many portals are along the hallway =====Examples===== * [[games:dragonage|Dragon Age: Origins]]. //The Circle Tower//. Each level of the mage's tower has a circular hallway which all of the rooms branch from. Some rooms needn't be explored but are there if the player wishes to fight more enemies or find more treasure. The hallway provides easy navigation for the player. * [[games:bg2|Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn]]. //The Copper Coronet//. The player characters are required to get a key from the Beastmaster who is in the beast pens. The Beastmaster is found at the end of a short hallway with [[Patterns:Portal|doors]] on both sides. When the enemy encounter begins, the [[Patterns:Portal|doors]] open and enemies spill out in an [[Patterns:Ambush|ambush]]. =====Related Patterns===== * [[Patterns:Portal|Portal]] * [[Patterns:Linear Path|Linear Path]] * [[Patterns:Chokepoint|Chokepoint]] * [[Patterns:Ambush|Ambush]] * [[Patterns:Trap|Trap]] =====Quest-Level Relationship===== * [[patterns:choice|Choice]]. The hallway presents the player with choices as to which order they want to do things. * [[patterns:skill_action|Skill Action]]. Certain choices in the hallway will only be available to players who have mastered a certain skill (e.g. unlocking a [[patterns:portal|portal]], requiring a Skill Action in order to open them. * [[patterns:altering_side_stub|Altering Side Stub]]. Altering side stubs can be hidden by doors and locked off areas from a hallway. * [[patterns:hidden_quest|Hidden Quest]]. Hidden Quests can also be woven into hallways. {{tag>level:PhysicalArea games:dragonage games:bg2}}

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