======Grinding Area====== {{:patterns:grindingarea-runescape.png?direct}} [[games:runescape|Runescape]] =====Description===== A place where many different or same [[patterns:enemy|enemies]] or resources of comparable level spawn. Separate instances of this pattern can occur in an [[patterns:open_area|open area]]. This pattern exists either to help the player level up or to provide them with enemies related to [[patterns:fetch_quest|fetch]]/[[patterns:kill_action|kill]] quests. ===== Variables ===== * **Type**: the type of enemies or resources that the area is for =====Examples===== * [[games:runescape|Runescape]]. The game is almost entirely based around its complex economy, and in order to participate, a great amount of grinding skills in order to raise your expertise in them is required. There are areas in which resources spawn for players to practice their skills on, e.g. trees for woodcutting and ore for mining. * [[games:dragonquest|Dragon Quest]]. Areas like the [[patterns:overworld|overworld]] in this game have a few enemies scattered around to keep the player on her toes; however, areas like dungeons and caves are prime places to grind in that monsters are continuously spawning for the player to slay. These areas do not often scale to a player's level, however, and must be abandoned once the player is not earning enough experience in order to make grinding worth their time. =====Related Patterns===== * [[patterns:open_area|Open Area]] * [[patterns:overworld|Overworld]] * [[patterns:enemy|Enemy]] =====Quest-Level Relationship===== * [[patterns:fetch_quest|Fetch Objective]]. These areas contain many instances of the same monster, typically making it a breeding ground for Fetch Quests, as well as quests involving [[patterns:kill_action|Kill Actions]] and repeated [[patterns:skill_action|Skill Actions]] such as harvesting. * [[patterns:arrowhead_questing|Arrowhead Questing]]. Grinding areas are revisited many times in an arrowhead quest pattern. =====Categories===== {{tag>level:PhysicalAreas games:runescape games:dragonquest}}

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