======Gauntlet====== //example image tbd// =====Description===== The gauntlet is a relatively long, straightforward (though not necessarily straight) [[patterns:linear_path|linear path]] with some significant destination, like an [[patterns:item|item]] or an [[patterns:arena|Arena]]. The hall is often fully populated with enemies with no breaks and little [[patterns:cover|cover]]. Enemies may emerge from [[patterns:spawn_point|spawn points]] as the player progresses through the gauntlet. Enemies may be organized in [[patterns:reinforcement|waves]]. The gauntlet is a player test, forcing a balance between moving forward and combat. It acts as a difficulty barrier, making whatever is on the other side have more value to the player, even if it's a [[patterns:boss_battle|boss battle]]. =====Variables and Affordances===== * **Length**: The longer the path is, the more challenging the gauntlet is. * **Cover** (//None <-> Some//): No cover means the player has to make the full gauntlet in one large push, while some cover affords breaks for healing. * **Amount of enemies** (//Finite or Infinite//): An infinite amount of enemies means the player has to make a push at some point, while finite enemies means the player can wait the encounter out through frequent retreats or use of cover. =====Examples===== * [[games:me2|Mass Effect 2]] (//Dossier: Archangel quest//): The player has to push past waves of enemies to lockdown the doors that are letting them in. The enemies during this section are infinite. ====In Worked Examples==== * [[examples:the_professor|Dossier: The Professor]] =====Related Patterns===== * [[patterns:arena|Arena]] * [[patterns:linear_path|Linear Path]] - A gauntlet is made from a linear path. =====Quest Level Relationship===== Gauntlets are often level structures used to provide challenge as the player is fulfilling some quest objective. * [[patterns:follow|Follow]]. Gauntlets allow for extremely challenging, tug of war style follow quests, where a powerful NPC must be escorted against a seemingly endless tide of enemies (e.g. Liberty Prime in the final missions of [[games:fallout3|Fallout 3]]). {{tag>:level:LevelStructure games:fallout3 games:me2}}

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