Dragon Age: Origins, forking paths with dead-ends in the Deep Roads.


A fork is a location in a level where the player may choose one of a number of paths, often linear paths, which lead somewhere. They may converge to the same location, progress the game in different directions, or dead-end. Sometimes they will dead-end at something valuable, such as an item or chest, as a reward for exploration. A hub-and-spokes pattern usually includes several forking paths. A fork often represents a choice for the player.

A fork of hallways can act as a chokepoint, as it channels characters into a small, intense area for combat.

Variables and Affordances

  • Size: how many paths there are from the fork
  • Convergence: whether the paths converge, or if they lead to different locations


  • Dragon Age: Origins. In the Deep Roads there are a number of forking paths through the caves. Usually these forked paths do not converge, and there is only one correct path to progress through the level. The other paths lead to rewards, combat areas, and side quests.

In Worked Examples

Quest-Level Relationships

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