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======Enemy====== {{:patterns:enemy-fable2.png?direct}} [[games:fable2|Fable 2]] =====Description===== An enemy is an [[patterns:NPC|NPC]] who is hostile towards the player character and will attack. Under most circumstances, the player may attack and kill the enemy. Enemies provide a majority of the challenge to RPGs. Strong enemies are more difficult for the player to defeat than weak ones, or at least require that the player character be more powerful. A number of enemies fighting the player characters in a single instance is an [[patterns:standard encounter|encounter]]. Different patterns of enemy [[patterns:standard encounter|encounters]] depend on the types, positioning, and timing of enemies in the [[patterns:standard encounter|encounter]]. Player characters and enemies typically each defeat each other in the same manner, which is by attacking and using abilities in order to reduce the other's hit points to or below zero. Upon defeating an enemy, the player is usually rewarded with [[patterns:item|items]], [[patterns:money|money]], and/or experience. =====Variables and Affordances===== * Characteristics of enemy that influence where the enemy can be placed in a level and what strategy the player uses to defeat it * **Size/Appearance**: What does the enemy look like, and what space does it occupy? * **Attack method**: How does the enemy hurt the player characters? If not directly, how does it help other enemies hurt the player characters? * **Strength**: How powerful is the enemy? How badly does it hurt the player? * **Defense**: How difficult is it to hurt the enemy? Is there a special way of defeating it? * **AI pattern**: What sequence of actions does an enemy take during combat, and what affects this sequence? * Rewards for defeating enemy * **[[patterns:item|Items]]**: Does the enemy drop anything when defeated? What does it drop? * **Experience**: Does the enemy grant experience points for defeating it, and if so, how much? * **Other**: Are there other rewards for defeating this enemy? =====Examples===== * [[games:fallout3|Fallout 3]] Raiders are human [[patterns:NPC|NPCs]] who attack the player using [[patterns:equipment|weapons]] such as knives and guns. When the player defeats a raider, he or she may loot the raider's corpse to take whatever [[patterns:equipment|equipment]] the raider was using in addition to whatever other [[patterns:item|items]] they may have. Defeating a raider grants an amount of experience based on the strength of the raider, which varies as the player increases in level. * [[games:dragonage2|Dragon Age II]]. Rage Demons are large creatures made of fire who almost always [[patterns:ambush|ambush]] the player as [[patterns:reinforcements|reinforcements]]. While the player characters are fighting other enemies, usually abominations, the rage demon will appear from the ground and begin using fire attacks. When a rage demon is defeated, it disappears leaving only a pile of ash and possibly some [[patterns:item|items]]. The experience rewarded is added to the pool of experience the player receives after finishing the [[patterns:standard encounter|encounter]]. * [[games:bg2|Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn]]. Any [[patterns:NPC|NPC]] will become an enemy if attacked by the player. ====In Worked Examples==== * [[examples:gaelanbayle|Collect the fee for Gaelan Bayle]] * [[patterns:wounded_in_the_forest|Wounded In The Forest]] * [[patterns:jowan_s_intentions|Jowan's Intentions]] * [[examples:ratproblem|A Rat Problem]] * [[examples:take_it_back|Take It Back]] * [[examples:desertgate|Desertgate]] =====Related Patterns===== * [[Patterns:NPC|NPC]] * [[Patterns:item|Item]] * [[Patterns:equipment|Equipment]] * [[Patterns:standard encounter|Standard Encounter]] * [[Patterns:ambush|Ambush]] * [[Patterns:boss battle|Boss Battle]] * [[Patterns:reinforcements|Reinforcements]] =====Quest-Level Relationships===== * [[Patterns:kill action|Kill Action]] * [[patterns:kill quest|Kill Quest]] * [[Patterns:defend|Defend]] {{tag>level:npc games:fable2 games:dragonage2 games:fallout3 games:bg2}}

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