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======Do One Of Many====== //image tbd// =====Description===== This pattern occurs when a number of quests are all offered at the same time, but only one is necessary to proceed. Typically in this case, by choosing one, the other is shut off, and the storyline progresses. This introduces the element of [[patterns:choice|Choice]] into an RPG, and adds to the replay value of the game, as players will want to choose the other possible quest to see what gameplay options they missed out on. =====Variables and Affordances===== * Quests to choose between * Presence of [[patterns:moral_dilemma_quest|Moral Dilemma]]-Whether or not the various quests to choose between involve different sides of the morality coin. * Shut off or not-Does completing one quest in the one of many pattern prevent the others from being done? =====Examples===== * [[games:fable|Fable]] - In one of the early quests of Fable, the player must choose to either defend or attack [[examples:orchard_farm|Orchard Farm]], working with or against bandits, as part of one of the first choices between good and evil. Either can be done to proceed. This quest is also a perfect example of the Scriptease Feud Pattern, where two opposing NPCs both ask for your help in dealing with the other. =====Related Patterns===== [[patterns:choice|Choice]] [[patterns:evolving_level|Evolving Environment]] [[patterns:moral_dilemma_quest|Moral Dilemma]] =====Quest-Level Relationships===== [[patterns:evolving_level|Evolving Environment]]-In [[games:fallout3|Fallout 3]], your choices involving the Megaton Quests change the face of that evolving environment. =====Acknowledgments===== This pattern is taken from the Scriptease quest pattern collection. {{tag>quest:Structure}}

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