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======Deja Vu Quest====== //image tbd// =====Description===== A quest that resembles, either exactly, or superficially with a twist, an earlier quest the player has most likely completed, often combined with a repeated area. A well placed Deja Vu quest can add a sense of rhythm to an RPG, giving the player a sense of familiarity with the structure of the game. This pattern can either lead to a rinse and repeat cycle of continually more difficult challenges, or to a shocking subversion of the pattern late in the game. In addition, adding a twist or slight change to a quest, such as forcing a violent resolution rather than a passive one on a later run through, adds an eerie "wrong-ness" to the quest, because what the player has been familiar with and seemed like a constant changes. =====Variables and Affordances===== * Quest Copied - The name of the quest that this quest is attempting to imitate * Frequency - How often this Deja Vu pattern is repeated * Similar Elements - elements that this quest has in common with the Deja Vu-ed pattern * Unique Elements - Elements unique to this instance of the pattern. =====Examples===== * [[games:oblivion|The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion]] - the Oblivion Gate quests, all set you with the same goal, get to the Sigil Stone to close the gate. The towers themselves have similar layouts, with identical names for rooms and the same aesthetics. * [[games:alphaprotocol|Alpha Protocol]] - Returning to Alpha Protocol Headquarters for the last quest, Going through the gun range with the same objective, but with real enemies instead of cardboard cutouts. * [[games:zelda-oot|Zelda Series]] - All dungeons of Zelda follow the same pattern, with a series of puzzles, then a new item, finally a boss that requires the player to use that item. After beating the boss, a life power up appears, with a portal back to the beginning of the dungeon. =====Related Patterns===== [[patterns:diamond_superstructure|Diamond Superstructure]] - Can be used at the beginning and and of a diamond superstructure to bring a sense of completeness to the game, starting and ending with a similar quest or area. =====Quest-Level Relationship===== [[patterns:hub|Hub and Spokes]] - Deja vu quests work well with spoke repetition. {{tag>quest:element games:zelda-oot games:oblivion games:alphaprotocol}}

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