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======Defend====== //image tbd// =====Description===== During some quests, the player are given the order to defend an object, person, or even an entire [[patterns:nucleus|town]] from some outside force. Often, this takes the form of [[patterns:standard encounter|combat]], commonly in some sort of [[patterns:arena|arena]] location. There are often [[patterns:reinforcements|reinforcements]] to back up the first wave of enemies after they have been defeated or a set time has elapsed. =====Variables and Affordances===== * What is to be defended * Amount of time the object must be defended * Difficulty of enemies attempting to destroy/take the object player is defending =====Examples===== * [[games:valkyria|Valkyria Chronicles]]. Often in this Strategy RPG, the player is tasked with defending entire cities from enemy attacks. Players must be strategic and frugal with their given moves, or else they can lose a city - and thus power - to the enemy. ====In Worked Examples==== [[examples:ratproblem|A Rat Problem]] [[examples:big_trouble_in_big_town|Big Trouble In Big Town]] =====Related Patterns===== * [[patterns:follow|Follow]] * [[patterns:kill_action|Kill Action]] * [[patterns:city|City]] * [[patterns:nucleus|Nucleus]] * [[patterns:arena|Arena]] * [[patterns:standard encounter|Standard Encounter]] * [[patterns:reinforcements|Reinforcements]] =====Acknowledgments===== This pattern is related to Scriptease's Race Against Time quest pattern. {{tag>quest:objective games:valkyria}}

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