A deadline represents a set amount of time during which a quest must be completed before it automatically ends in failure.

A deadline can put pressure on players, and forcibly speed up the pace of the game. It can add a new level of urgency to any preexisting quest.

Variables and Affordances

  • Quest with Deadline-Quest that is marked as failed if not completed within deadline
  • Deadline-Amount of time before quest failure
  • Time Bonuses-Extra objectives that may buy the player more time
  • Time Penalties-Extra traps/fights/situations that cost the player time


In World of Warcraft, the dwarven starting area features a quest that requires the player to deliver a hot meal to another camp before it gets cold. If it gets cold, the player fails the quest and must start over.

In Mass Effect, on Eden Prime, the player must disarm explosive charges that have been planted all over the facility before their timer reaches its end.

Quest-Level Relationships

Gauntlet-Many Gauntlets require players to complete them in a certain time, this limit is either imposed by a solid time limit, or the fact that after a certain length of time they will be overwhelmed.


This pattern is adapted from Scriptease's pattern of the same name.

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