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======Deadline====== =====Description===== A deadline represents a set amount of time during which a quest must be completed before it automatically ends in failure. A deadline can put pressure on players, and forcibly speed up the pace of the game. It can add a new level of urgency to any preexisting quest. =====Variables and Affordances===== * Quest with Deadline-Quest that is marked as failed if not completed within deadline * Deadline-Amount of time before quest failure * Time Bonuses-Extra objectives that may buy the player more time * Time Penalties-Extra traps/fights/situations that cost the player time =====Examples===== In [[games:wow|World of Warcraft]], the dwarven starting area features a quest that requires the player to deliver a hot meal to another camp before it gets cold. If it gets cold, the player fails the quest and must start over. In [[games:me|Mass Effect]], on Eden Prime, the player must disarm explosive charges that have been planted all over the facility before their timer reaches its end. =====Related Patterns===== [[patterns:gauntlet|Gauntlet]] [[patterns:move_action|Move Action]] [[patterns:fetch_quest|Fetch Objective]] =====Quest-Level Relationships===== [[patterns:gauntlet|Gauntlet]]-Many Gauntlets require players to complete them in a certain time, this limit is either imposed by a solid time limit, or the fact that after a certain length of time they will be overwhelmed. =====Acknowledgments===== This pattern is adapted from Scriptease's pattern of the same name. {{tag>quest:structure games:masseffect games:wow}}

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