======Container====== {{:patterns:container-zelda.png?direct}} [[games:zelda-oot|The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time]] =====Description===== A container holds [[patterns:item|items]]. Containers can be several different objects, like wardrobes, chests, barrels, crates, etc and hold a wide range or just a single item. In general, the more work a player has to do to get to a container, the better the items inside will be. A container might need a [[patterns:lock|key]] or a [[patterns:skill_action|skill check]] to open. Containers are often used as rewards at the end of levels, or to make a room seem more useful and interesting to a player. As long as an otherwise empty room has at least one container, the player will feel that room has some purpose (e.g. it might be a [[patterns:storage_room|storage room]]). Containers with good items are used to reward the player for progressing to the container's location, for finding the right key, or for getting their skills high enough. =====Variables===== * **Number of items in container** (//Zero <-> Several//): often determines how beneficial the container is to the player, although some containers (usually those that are locked) contain individual [[patterns:item|items]] that are very useful. * **Difficulty of opening** (//Unlocked, locked with key, locked with skill, locked with puzzle//): Unlocked means there's no barrier of entry, locked with a key requires the player to find a very specific key to get the items inside, locked with skill means the player must have his or her skills at a certain point to access the items, locked with puzzle requires the player to solve a puzzle before getting the items. =====Examples===== * [[games:fallout3|Fallout 3]]. The medical kit is a specific kind of container found in Fallout 3 that contains stimpaks (//several, unlocked//). * [[games:zelda-oot|The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time]]. Chests are scattered throughout dungeons in hidden areas. Often these containers have keys that can only be found by defeating enemies. Chests contain critical items to the game, such as hearts that increase the maximum health (//single item, locked with key//). ==== In Worked Examples ==== * [[examples:gaelanbayle|Collect the fee for Gaelan Bayle]] * [[examples:desertgate|Desertgate]] =====Related Patterns===== * [[patterns:item|Item]] * [[patterns:lock|Lock]] * [[patterns:puzzle|Puzzle]] - Certain containers might require solving a puzzle to open them. =====Quest-Level Relationships===== * [[patterns:compilation_quest|Compilation Quest]] * [[patterns:fetch_quest|Fetch Objective]] * [[patterns:quest_tied_item|Quest Tied Item]] * [[patterns:equip_action|Equip Action]] {{tag>level:PhysicalElement games:zelda-oot games:fallout3}}

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