======Compilation Quest====== //image tbd// =====Description===== Similar to a fetch quest, this type of quest requires the player to gather different pieces in order to create something, often in the form of loot that the player can then use throughout the duration of their play. =====Variables and Affordances===== * What is to be collected/how many pieces =====Examples===== * [[games:borderlands|Borderlands]] - The "Scavenger" types of quests, in which the player must gather the body, magazine, stock, and barrel of a certain type of gun in order to make a powerful version of that gun. =====Related Patterns===== //tbd// ===== Quest-Level Relationship ===== [[patterns:labyrinth|Labyrinth]] - Obfuscates the location of each part, making the quest more challenging. [[patterns:hub|Hub and Spokes]] - Encourages the player to explore each spoke of the hub by spreading the parts out. {{tag>quest:objective games:borderlands}}

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