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======City====== {{:patterns:city-dragonage.png?direct}} [[games:dragonage|Dragon Age: Origins]] =====Description===== The city is a settlement that may constitute one or more [[patterns:map|maps]] in itself. It contains a large number of NPCs, but also often contains [[patterns:item|items]] and enemy encounters as well. The city usually has one or more [[patterns:nucleus|nuclei]], where certain NPCs will have quests for the player, be involved with quests, or [[patterns:merchant|sell items]]. These NPCs are not restricted to such nuclei, and may be spread throughout the city. The city may be separated into sections that separate the friendly NPCs from the encounters, and also be organized into districts that are thematically separate. Cities tend to have a lot of [[patterns:residence|residences]]. The purpose of a city is to provide the player with a nucleus for main story quests and better [[patterns:merchant|merchant]] access as well as a few more encounters. A city is often very closely connected to the story and holds a lot of the game's lore. =====Variables and Affordances===== * **Districts**: A city is typically composed of numerous districts. More districts may indicate that this is a more central city for the story and will provide more main story quests and side quests. =====Examples===== * [[games:oblivion|Oblivion]] (//Imperial City//). The Market District serves as the merchant [[patterns:nucleus]], but quests can be found all over the city. * [[games:me|Mass Effect]] (//Citadel//). The Citadel has two markets with merchants, with quest NPCs spread all over the city. A number of quest encounters occur in different zones of the citadel. * [[games:dragonage|Dragon Age: Origins]] (//Denerim//). Denerim's Market District serves as the nucleus, while the other points in the city are where the quests take place. ====In Worked Examples==== * [[examples:gaelanbayle|Collect the fee for Gaelan Bayle]] * [[examples:ratproblem|A Rat Problem]] * [[examples:blood_ties|Blood Ties]] * [[examples:take_it_back|Take It Back]] * [[examples:scan_the_keepers|Citadel: Scan The Keepers]] * [[examples:the_professor|Dossier: The Professor]] * [[examples:desertgate|Desertgate]] =====Related Patterns===== * [[patterns:nucleus|Nucleus]] * [[patterns:residence|Residence]] =====Quest-Level Relationship===== * [[patterns:diamond_superstructure|Diamond Superstructure]]. A city may serve as the primary level superstructure corresponding to the hub in the diamond superstructure. * [[patterns:linear_hub_pattern|Linear Hub]]. Individual [[patterns:quest_hub|hubs]] within a linear hub can map to a city. For example, [[games:jadeempire|Jade Empire]]'s towns are structured like this. * [[patterns:unlock_quest|Unlock Quest]]. Cities can grow as the result of completing unlock quests. For example, gaining the ability to teleport in [[games:twoworlds2|Two Worlds 2]] unlocks Ghostarus's quarters in the Orc Camp. * [[patterns:arrowhead_questing|Arrowhead Questing]]. An arrowhead quest superstructure can serve as the basis of a subplot for a city. {{tag>level:Superstructure games:oblivion games:me games:dragonage games:jadeempire games:twoworlds2}}

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