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======Blockade====== {{:patterns:pokemon-blockade.jpg?direct}} [[games:pokemonbw|Pokemon Black and White]] =====Description===== A blockade is a structure that blocks the player's progression through a level, possibly impeding his/her path in the storyline, until certain criteria are met. A blockade specifically refers to a **physical** block to progress; it is related to the [[patterns:soft_gate|soft gate]]. Blockades are often quite obvious to the player, for example, taking the form of fallen trees or hostile NPCs that physically block the player's path. This pattern blocks progression to certain areas of the game. There can be several purposes for this. One might be because the player is not at a high enough level to face whatever is beyond the blockade, and they must complete a certain number of quests - which will conveniently level them up to fighting standards - before they can pass on to the higher-leveled area. A blockade could be something as simple as a locked door or some other kind of [[patterns:portal|portal]], for which the player must search the level to find the key, and in doing so level up and traverse the whole area in preparation for what may lie on the other side of the blockade, which could be a [[patterns:chokepoint|chokepoint]] or a [[patterns:boss_battle|boss battle]]. ===== Variables and Affordances ===== * **Criteria**: what must be achieved for the blockade to disappear * **Type**: what the player encounters as a blockade * **Protecting Area**: what is being guarded by the blockade =====Examples===== * [[games:pokemonbw|Pokemon Black and White]] - In almost every iteration of this game, the player comes across trees (//type//) that they cannot pass until they learn the Pokemon move Cut (//criteria//). This is probably for the best, as the Pokemon encountered past this point (//protecting area//) are likely much more powerful than the player can handle if they do not have the move yet. Also, this gives the player more incentive to go earn the Gym Badge that gives them the ability to learn the HM. Most of the HMs in the game have similar blockades attached to them, such as the inability to move to towns in the ocean without the move Surf, and the inability to get to the Elite Four without the move Waterfall. ==== In Worked Example ==== * [[examples:desertgate|Desertgate]] =====Related Patterns===== * [[patterns:portal|Portal]] * [[patterns:chokepoint|Chokepoint]] * [[patterns:boss_battle|Boss Battles]] * [[patterns:lock|Lock]] * [[patterns:soft_gate|Soft Gate]] =====Quest-Level Relationships===== * [[patterns:unlock_quest|Unlock Quest]] - Some quests can unlock areas that had blockades blocking the way before. {{tag>level:PhysicalElements games:pokemonbw}}

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